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Have Yourself a Merry Little………..

As a resident of St. Louis, life has been emotional these past few weeks. It’s sad to see heartache, destruction and fear in a time that is supposed to be happy and filled with love and family. While I can’t fix the problems in our city, cure disease or stop global warming, I can give you the next best thing.

There is no one, not a single, solitary soul who can make me laugh the way that Maurmi can. She is beautiful, joyful, grateful and loving. Even in the lowest of lows, the toughest of times, she finds a reason to smile. She never meets a stranger and is a bit of an impromptu therapist. Whether it be in a waiting room, a grocery store, the line at the bank, people see her and begin to unload the worst of their problems on her and she listens, smiles and will say a prayer as they walk away always reflecting that life could be worse.
Tonight, as she trimmed the tree, she got some sad and clearly startling news, and yet she was able to keep in the holiday spirit……..
I love her, I admire her and I want to be exactly like her….Well, maybe not exactly, I’m more of an alto……