No Way Jose!

This past week was a bit of a mess. Maurmi Daycare was closed, so Finnegan and Brennan  traveled all over town to spend time with family and friends. Because of the crazy schedule, my exercise routine was a bit out of whack as well. After a fabulous morning at the Magic House, I got in my C25K W2D1 Monday afternoon. The kids napped at Maurmi’s while I ran on the treadmill. I fully intended to return on Wednesday morning, watch a rerun of Dance Moms and think happy thoughts listening to Chumbawamba…..yeah, not so much. I was too damn tired on Wednesday to get up at the crack of down, so I skipped it. I figured that I would get my run in on Thursday, nope, that didn’t happen either.
Thank you Finnegan for this awesome shot of my lovely arched eyebrows
Overcome with guilt and the realization that my laziness would have to be in print the following Monday, I made a promise to myself that I would be in the basement on Dantonaire on Friday come hell or high water. I went to bed relatively early on Thursday morning so that I could get to my parents’ by 7 and still make it to work on time. As I drifted to sleep and dreamt of chariots of fire, I had no idea that my  grand plans were about to be rocked.
At 5:45 am, I began to hear bells, loud, continuous, mind-numbing bells. I jumped from bed and caught a quick glance of myself in the mirror. I looked a bit like a rooster with raccoon eyes. Apparently I forget to wipe my face with the knock off Oil of Olay cleansing cloth the night before and the Lancome had traveled from my lids to my cheeks. Luckily, my cheap hooker look was softened by my Charter Club blue lamb nightgown.  Despite my knockout look, I proceeded to the front door to see who in the name of God decided they wanted to come for a cup of coffee at this hour.
In front of me stood Jose, as the name on his shirt clearly identified him, one of the 47 people that showed up to put our new roof on. I knew that they were coming, but never in a million years did I think that I would be seeing them in my sexy attire. I gave him the A OK to head to the top of my house and then thought to myself, well DUMBY, what are you going to do know? Clearly I wasn’t going back to bed and it was way too early to head to my mom and dad’s. The YMCDilthey is protected by two fierce guard Maltese whose bark is so deafening, it would certainly wake my father and scare the crap out of him, so I was stuck. Either I try to head back to sleep with what sounded like a bowling game being played above my head, or I could get really crazy and run outside. 
The ominous sky was not a deterrent
As you can imagine, running outside was a terrifying prospect. I had never done it and really didn’t want any of my neighbors seeing me, but I had no choice. I slipped into my clothes and out the door I went. As Jose and the crew were climbing the front of my house, I set my iPod to Billy Ocean and off I went. I was quite surprised that I was enjoying being outside. I wasn’t watching a clock, I was looking around. I walked, ran, listened to my music and before I knew it I was halfway through my workout, and my legs began to burn. Once again, I hated the walks and couldn’t wait for the runs.
Thrilled to have completed the first outdoor run
When I returned from my run, Jose and the crew were packing it up and heading out. No, I hadn’t been gone eight hours, just thirty minutes. Apparently they just wanted to wake us all up early because they didn’t do a damn thing. Nope, this was a tease. The real work would begin on Monday. One more weekend with our sad, hail-damaged roof. I thought nothing more of it and went on about my day.
The official time when  I returned to my kitchen, way too early for this……
Because I blew it and didn’t get my work outs in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I had to plan for another run on Saturday. I fully intended to head over to my mom and dad’s around mid morning and finish W2D3 on the treadmill. Jose, he had other plans.
Saturday morning arrived with a bang, literally. This time Jose chose not to ring the bell, instead he and the herd of elephants that he brought with him proceeded to jump up and down right above the master bedroom at 6 am on Saturday. WTF? Who works on a roof on a Saturday? And at 6 am. I have the luxury of very good sleepers who prefer lay low until at least 8, so this was destined to kill me. What is a girl to do? I wanted to go out and beat the hell out of him, but instead, I laced up and headed outside.

The weather was pretty beautiful on Saturday morning. The humidity was low and there was a nice dew on the grass. As I warmed up to the Spice Girls Wannabe, I casually made my way up Crestside Lane to the familiar loop that traveled the morning before. I failed to remember that it was Saturday and I briefly thought to call 911 when I saw the throngs of people running down the street with high chairs, rockers, like-new home gym equipment and tools. And then I realized what I was witnesses. The crazy Saturday morning garage sale enthusiasts were in full force. I really wished that I had been more aware of the signs because I would have felt much safer out of the hoarders’ way.
Too bad I noticed this after I was nearly killed by a runaway station wagon filled with treasures
These people were nuts. It was barely past the crack of dawn and they were clad with fanny packs, shopping bags and $30 worth of nickels! As I glided past the four-family HUGE sale, I realized that as much as they were entertainment for me, I was likely entertainment for them. I could just hear the cackling…
 “Look at that fool. All dressed up and not one bit of grace or form.”
“Mmm hmm, girlfriend must have lost a bet.”
I dodged the crazies and continued to make my way through the neighborhood. I really started to feel sore early. Two workouts spaced a mere 24 hours apart was not the best idea. Instead, it was a long hard lesson.  Just as I was ready to give up, I was quickly inspired by the lyrics that were blasting in my ears, “Like a thief in the night, who can’t get enough. I am willing to fight, cause I’m a soldier of love.” Well, Donny, that has absolutely nothing to do with my quest, but I will take it and press on. “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, when the going gets rough………….
I look I joined Jose and the crew upstairs!
Thirty quick minutes later, I was home and unscathed. My front lawn, well that is a whole other story. Jose and the crowd had gone crazy and really made a dent in the work. Little did we know they would be at it for a full 15 hours, but the new roof was completed in one day. I would like to thank Jose and his amigos not only for a job well done, but for getting me up and moving so early. I liked getting my workout done early and I really enjoyed running outside. I intend to keep it up, weather permitting.
30 minutes later
This week I weighed in at 161. I am a pound lighter for the week and down a total of 6. Life is good!
You can really tell that I am losing weight in my face

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