G is for Goddess……..

I have officially made it an entire week and I am not dead. I am not even really sore. I have been stretching my muscles properly, warming up and cooling down so I feel good. Well, all except for the area between my shoulders that feels like someone has beaten me over and over with a 2×4. In my quest to become physically fit, I bought all the right things. I got cute new shoes, fabulous arch supports, darling little shorts and one of those built in bra running tanks. It was all about looking great so that I could run in style in my parents’ basement on my mom’s treadmill watching reruns of NY Ink and blasting Gnarls Barkley without a soul in site. There was just one minor problem with my new ensemble, those little running tanks aren’t quite made for us ladies who bare more of a resemblance to Dolly Parton than Jackie Joyner.

I completed my first workout on C25K and I felt great. I was sweating, which is highly unusual. I mean, let’s be honest here. I may have been on all of the sports teams in grade school, but I was known more for the matching blue and gold bows in my hair and some fancy socks that my athletic abilities. But I digress. I made it through workout one and I felt good. In an effort to stay on the up and up, I have taken post workout pictures to prove that I am actually doing this and not just typing a bunch of bullshit.

At this point, I am proud as a peacock.

Here is a little proof that I do sweat.

I proceeded with C25K day two. I felt a little twinge in my left shoulder but I kept going, I thought I just must have slept funny. I am stretching and exercising and, well I look good, so it can’t possibly be anything that I am doing. Hmm, IDIOT, how about that super cute running tank?!?!? You know the one that every time you move makes your breasts feel like they are trying to jump right out of your shirt and escape this torture? Perhaps that is part of the problem? I figured that before workout three, I might take a trip out to Ann’s Bra Shop and just get fitted. What could it hurt, right?

As you can see, workout two was a bit more strenuous

See that little bead of sweat? That fell from my head to my leg. Disgusting…..

No, I am not fast, but I am moving.

I strolled into Ann’s with my children in tow to pick up a quick sport’s bra in a 38DD, because, well that is what size I need and that’s the end. When asked if I wanted a fitting, I said, sure. I figured I might as well let the woman earn her keep for the day. I disrobed in front of she and my children, which started a line of questioning from Finnegan that would make any interrogationist nervous, but that is for another day. Colleen, my bra fitter, quickly whipped her measuring tape around me again and again and finally said, “Well you are a 34G.” Um, WTF did you just say. How is that even possible? Do they make those? I figured, what the hell. Let’s do this. Colleen presented me with a Goddess sports bra, that to my total shock, fit perfectly. It was comfortable and I felt supported. Holy mother of pearl! I will embrace my inner Goddess and wear my bra with pride. Twenty minutes and $44 later, we were off.

My third workout was so much easier. My back still hurt, but the throbbing had subsided. I found myself able to run and not look down at the clock as much because my neck was killing me and I was ready to quit. The sweat was pouring off of me. It was disgusting. I am so not used to that, but in a weird way, I liked it. I feel this intense sense of accomplishment. At this point, I think that I will make it to the end.

I started to lose my mind after workout three.

My fitness routine, coupled with healthier choices. Lead to some success. I am quite certain that I consumed an entire watermelon, a flat of strawberries and 1000 carrots. I managed to eat a burger and fries and some to die for horseradish sauce, without a tremendous amount of guilt. I have also upped my water consumption from none, to close to eight glasses a day. I have survived on nothing but Diet Coke for years, so this is quite a change. I am not going totally tap here. I mean, I am not crazy, I am drinking peach flavored water which makes it tolerable.

So after all of this, where am I? I am proud to say that I weighed in at 162 today. I lost five pounds in the first week. I am not expecting this again this week, but damn it feels good to start.

My favorite three-year-old friend joined my for a post workout photo shoot

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  1. OCDena
    August 3, 2011 at 6:06 pm (10 years ago)

    You realize you will lose this weight just in time for the next baby! ha


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