I will survive, I hope…..

Day one is done and I must say, I feel pretty good. I ate reasonably and decided not to kill myself on the treadmill and never go back. Instead, I am easing myself into the C25K training program. The first workout was tough, I was sweating a lot, but I did it. The whole thing. Never in my life have a run that much, ever……Perhaps a couple of times in my life my speed has accelerated due to a meow that I can’t quite place and I am sure that my death is impending, but beyond that, I have been lucky to walk briskly.

Do I think that I am on my way to America’s Next Top Model material tomorrow, perhaps, but I won’t be getting my hopes up for seeing Tyra anytime soon. Instead, I am going to take this in stride and see what happens.

I must say, I was so bold as to take some measurements. At this point, I am not sure how comfortable I really am with writing them down, but I suppose if I don’t then what is the point, right. So here we go….

Starting Weight 167 lbs
Bust 42
Waist 34
Hips 40
Arms 12
Thighs 22

I realize that these numbers aren’t particularly huge or sickening sounding, but they aren’t ideal either. I am looking to drop about 20 lbs. That would put me back to what I weighed when I got married. If I lose 15, I will be hovering around my weight when I got pregnant with Finnegan.

As I am sure the three people that will read this will want to know, I intend to weigh in on Mondays and I will measure again in four weeks. I am not expecting a huge change before then, so you will just have to control yourselves.

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