Vacation, all I ever wanted…..

Last summer, super newly pregnant, we traveled with my parents, brother and sister-in-law, also pregnant, and our nephew to Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN. If you haven’t been, you need to go. It’s family friendly, clean, affordable and there is a ton to do with little kids. My boys love it and talk all the time about when we can go back.

Recently, Handsome #2 was given an assignment in his kindergarten class to bring in a picture and a brief write up about a recent trip. These pictures would be shared with the class in a show and tell format. Obviously, he was super excited about this particular homework and couldn’t wait to recount his adventure with the class. 

We talked about the rides, the food, the water park and even the car ride there. He was proud as a peacock to tell his friends all about it. He wrote three sentences on the paper and I found a picture on my phone and sent it to Walgreens. Done and done. Weeks have passed and the assignment was all but forgotten. 

Today after school the boys burst through the door soaking wet from the torrential downpour that hit this afternoon. I ran upstairs to get clean clothes for each of them retuning with a Holiday World t-shirt. This opened Pandora’s Box.

Handsome #2- Mom! I am not wearing that. I’m not even going back there.

Me- Why not? You love Holiday World.

Handsome #2- Nope. Not anymore I sure don’t. Do you want to know why?

Me- Please, tell me.

Handsome #2- Remember my vacation homework?

Me- Yes.

Handsome #2- Well, that’s why! 

Me- I don’t understand.

Handsome #2- That picture you got of the trip, well guess what? You can’t even see me. Handsome #1 is holding up the park map right in front of my face! 

We took approximately 5,000 pictures on that trip…..naturally, I chose this……

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